About Us

Smart-Tech Agricultural Engineering Services Ltd (SAES), is newly formed Ghanaian-owned agricultural Value Chain Development (VCD) Company, in partnership with some credible South African Institutions and professionals of high repute. As a VCD company, we have adopted a modern “agribusiness” approach to design “smart agriculture solutions” and innovations that will boost productivity and increase crop yields within the right farming systems.

Our solutions are fit-for-purpose and cost effective. We follow a planned project approach: assess and analyze each situation, each customer, on an individual basis to determine the varying factors (geographic, hydrologic, agronomic, and economic factors) that will affect irrigable crop production specific to their needs—and makes financial sense.

Despite our global vision, we have modeled our business (plan) to start and grow systemically, as we build demand and design affordable modular solutions and support services for farmers. These includes precision farming methods using drones, fertigation, and customized irrigation systems.

Our business model is based on a market-driven “backward integration model” aimed at providing high value addition to increase agricultural output and food production, mostly at the rural levels.

Our Vision

To produce young African Farmers who embrace technology and engineering in their Agribusiness Value Chain businesses, and guarantees sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To ensure “a modernized agriculture culminating in a structurally transformed economy and evident in food security, employment opportunities and reduced poverty among young people in Africa”

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