We are licensed sales distributors of XAG Agricultural drones. As African countries are getting prepared for the imminent locust crisis, XAG has proposed that agricultural drones, through more targeted night spraying application, can strongly support the current ground and aerial control measures. Drones specifically developed by XAG for agriculture can be used to combat the ravenous pests that have wreaked havoc on food crops and placed millions of people into hunger.


We provide plant protection services using some modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) drones to spray farms, broadcast seeds or fertilizers, as well as, provide aerial survey works. These drones can fly themselves, and can be set to follow predefined flight paths over a target area to perform over a crop or target area.

We provide the following services using XAG drones:

  • Irrigation and drainage design
  • Accurate field and area measurements
  • Contour mapping
  • Tree and crop height calculation
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