The importance and relevance of irrigation development, especially in African countries, cannot be overstated. Approximately 96% of cropland farming relies on rain-fed agriculture.

Forebodingly, the current state of irrigated agriculture in Africa is significantly deficient for food production. Africa features only an estimated 5% of the total cultivated area as irrigated areas, compared with 42% for Asia and 17% for Latin America. Moreover, there exists wide disparities amongst African countries—with a much higher concentration of irrigated agriculture centered amongst 5 countries—Egypt, Madagascar, Morocco, South Africa, and Sudan.

SAESL provide affordable solutions for efficient irrigation systems and management—targeted at both the small-scale farmer level and large-scale commercial level. Our solutions include:

  • Farm & Field Mapping
  • Irrigation Design & Analysis
  • Vegetation Assessment
  • Installation of suitable irrigation infrastructure
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